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A single thought

  A single thought flies straight as an arrow, through the mazes of this world into the Abstract.
As it gains momentum it also gains mass because the 'debris' of our world cling on to it:  some accidentally, some deliberately trying to slow it down and some holding fast onto it as if it were their last bid for freedom.

After a while this single thought begins to change shape and content. Like a runners skittle it seems to be passed on to someone else who is waiting on the other side....
So what happens next? It is thoroughly cleaned of all its debris – which is stored separately in appropriate containers- and now the purified single arrow of thought, after its temporary rest, is unleashed a new by some invisible ‘archer’.
This process will happen many, many more times.  But all the archers are aiming at the same ‘mark’. 
To some this mark appears shiny like a light, to others it is like a dark shadow, others perceive it as a place of silence. Whatever, there is no consensus on its shape among people. 
If you're the archer in doubt, aim at the point just a little higher of where you think the mark is.

Suddenly the arrow hits the mark and thought has found its source.

An explosion immediately takes place and  all the 'archers of the single thought ' are showered by myriad fragments of knowledge that fall upon them like rain out of nowhere.

How so?

An instant before the arrow hits the mark the seal between the known and the unknown is broken. An opening appears as the travelling thought enters into the inconceivable where it is transformed. 
The fresh light that emanates for an instant through that opening will in time be felt by many throughout the land. 
But nothing can beat the thrill that these archers of thought feel at the moment they unleash their arrows or when they know that their aim has been true and they have hit the mark. That instant of knowing empowers them to keep doing this from generation to generation.

Some would rightly say that there is no thought, no archer arrow or target.
That it’s all a make believe game.  But my question to you is this:
"Have you got a single thought?"
Byron Zeliotis