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  Death’s Whisper 
How long beside me
Have you toiled
in truth to guide?
From child’s delight
I entered trance
where unresolved of ancestors past
was hidden deep
and locked with sign:
Beware here fear to tread.
Yet truth has strengthened me
and honed resolve
to examine this secret cache
that lives lived discarded here
for was a jeopardy for them.
Treasures discarded
yet ill perceived
The key is turned the seals are broke
From this dark and dank enclave
Have flown the ghouls of night
Darkness fear and dissolution
now perceived as natural law.
In the terror of that night
The winds unleashed a bayful breath
demons dressed
by psyche in torments throw
these phantom forms of fear
by sweet sustainers breath
revealed, their nature true
transmuted were in fire’s resolve
attention keened.
My death, eyes blazing, smiles
In friendships grasp
as love embraces
my destiny to act
in freedom’s dance