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Consider how the total energy responsible for the creation of our
universe might have ‘once’ been contained within a ‘primordial form’
not much larger than the size of a pea. Or the meaning of that popular saying: “Tall oaks from little acorns grow”.

‘Power’ it would seem knows how to be contained within very small and almost insignificant vehicles.  No-one really knows the origin of our universe for sure but there are theories which propose that at the
centre of the universe there is a ‘black hole’ that holds together all matter that is now in existence. Complexity it seems is confined within a realm of simplicity and as the old myths proclaim 'something is born out ofnothing'.

Just as a tiny seed holds within itself all the potential of a living
being’s future life there may well exist within ourselves now forces
that hold our being together and keep it from expanding indefinitely;
there might also exist forces that know when to unleash our potential
and allow any expansion in our being to happen at predetermined
times and at optimum rates when  the appropriate external conditions arise matching those inside of us.

This could explain for instance times in our lives when we suddenly
found the necessary energy to make a simple decision about something, then act on it and also stick to our new path, whereas previously we had only fantasised about doing great things but never quite got round to doing any of them. Decisions that have real power behind them set a new direction in one’s life and we simply make those decisions when we are ready.

During meditation we can take 'time out' from our mundane activities
to become aware and get to know our energetic structure first-hand.
We consciously retreat from the business of daily life and the
habitual patterns of thinking that go along with it.
This separation gives real rest to our being.  Paradoxically all that
is required to access one's 'energetic body' is to simply switch off for a while but also stay aware at the same time.  This ‘non-activity’ somehow allows our natural equilibrium to be re-established.

Meditating is a revolution and an act of war from the point of view
of the ordinary mind because during meditation the ‘ordinary mind’
learns to relinquish its illusion of being in control of everything
and instead learns to support and give way to a ‘real mind’
which emerges suddenly when the meditator least expects it.
So in each passing moment of meditation there lies a 'hidden seed';

Affection for the meditation practice regularly waters the ‘ground of
our being’ making it fertile and within this matrix the meditation
seeds are sown and eventually bloom into life.
The practicing meditator learns to recognize the many types of seed
hidden in himself, how these can be used, what fruits they bear, what
weeds must be eliminated and finally how his actions in daily life can
become a reflection and extension of his inner world and of his

First however one must be ready for change. So start making ready!


-Copyright Byron Zeliotis-