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Meditation Instruction

Making a start on one's own

And Death Shall Have No Dominion

Poem by Dylan Thomas

Ways and Means

Quote by Karlfried Graf von Durckheim, "The Way of Transformation"

Kabbalistic Invocation Tree of Life Evocation
Circular Tree of Life

Energy emanations designed by G.Davies

Autobiography in Five Short Chapters 

By Anonymous
Shakespeare Sonnet 146

Mystic insight by the bard

The Big Rocks Of Life An Amusing Story  
A Warrior's Invocation Prayer by anonymous
Symmetrical Knots Symmetrical 'mandalas'
Human Delusion A quote by Albert Einstein
 Wonder  A poem by Chris Gilchrist
Here and Now An amusing conversation by S. Ralph
Ocean A poem by Chris Gilchrist
Rumi Poetry A few poems by Jalal u'din Rumi
A Single Thought Creative writing by BZ