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The intent behind this site is to preserve the mystery in meditation.

Just as a lit torch is able to set another torch alight, so can Knowledge be passed on from one meditator to another when they communicate and sit together. This has been taking place now for thousands of years because it is possible this way to increase awareness.

I would whole-heartedly recommend that you first seek out proper instruction in meditation from a good meditation teacher or school. No web site could ever become the substitute for a real teacher!

Undoubtedly each of us has been drawn to some form of meditation at some point by accident, fate or destiny. One has to start somewhere. But bear in mind that different meditation traditions have their own set of practices, rules, symbols and jargon that they use. These act as their boundaries' and should be respected because they keep the integrity of their meditators intact and also because without these they could not be recognised or known by others.
However one should be able to rise above all ‘forms’. I once read this inscription on the wall of a meditation hall: “There are many gifts but only one spirit.”

So perhaps you will find here something that will inspire you to go deeper in your own meditation practice. There is always further to go. You might meet other interesting people with whom you would like to communicate further. Who knows what might come along your way? So try to keep an open mind.

If you are new to this web site, please read the Guidelines page before proceeding and always bear them in mind when posting or copying work.

A personal note of thanks goes out from me to all those meditation teachers known by me personally and also to all the beings whom I have never met but who have helped me indirectly to create this website and for their continued support in the years to come.

Byron Zeliotis