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Each of us a mystery!
And the same goes for all that surrounds us.
Should we deliberately ignore this and continue instead paying so
much attention to the surface appearances we perceive as if these
momentary reflections were real, important or everlasting?

We seem to have forgotten an old feeling that tells us that at the
most physical level this our world is fleeting and that we are only
passing through as visitors of this planet Earth.
How did we arrive to where we are now? why? where are we going to?
All of these questions are veiled in mystery yet our every minute
actions might affect the answers.

That we are now here, and that most of us also recognize our parents
only gives as a clue about how we were allowed to pass through a
magical portal to be conceived and how we can ourselves perpetuate
But where lies an answer to the deeper questions: did we ever have a
choice to be created or not? did we exist beforehand in some other
form or not? Is the span of our lives predetermined? And where will
we end up if "anywhere" at all?

So many questions, and our common experience today tells us that we
will not be here forever, that everything manifest will eventually
show the signs of decay and then die.
How will we die? What will die? Will something be reborn? Only our
human hope that dictates that we should somehow continue indefinitely
seems to be forever reborn!

Yet we also know in our bones, and with another alien impersonal and
speechless aspect of ourselves another deeper truth.
For we have all tasted of this paradox that is at the same time both
funny and sad:

That our next out-breath might very well be the very last one!

Throughout our lives we intuit that: ‘There is non-existence'. What a
paradox this is! Is such knowledge based on our own memory of death

On the one side stands the uniqueness, fullness and solidity of the
moment that surrounds us now and on the other side that infinitesimal
void it leaves when it has passed away, leaving us with an after-taste
of its memory, which can never be adequately filled.
We constantly create stuff to fill that void because we yearn for
something tangible, someting new to replace the old and we fear the
void, the emptiness, the silence that underlies it all.

Yet it is only through this Gateway  we can 'claim' Knowledge.
Have no fear, there is nothing to lose and nothing to gain by
standing at the 'Gate of Mysteries' and knocking loudly.

Begin by practising being silent and empty. The Gate might open for

-Copyright Byron Zeliotis-