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Samatha meditation: An ancient meditation system as seen through the eyes of a traditional Theravada Buddhist group.

Saros Network: Foundation for the Perpetuation of Knowledge

Sareoso: Esoteric philosophy, art, myth, magic and the Basque people.

Kabbalah Society: Working groups worldwide exploring the Toledano Kabbalistic tradition as taught by Warren Kenton, whose books are written under his Hebrew name Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi.

Howard Lee and The Light of Life: Healer and former Kung Fu teacher of Carlos Castaneda. Howard Lee teaches his energetic system of "Longevity Exercises" to teachers and students in workshops worldwide.

Metaphysics of Star Wars: Ligia Luckhurst's interesting account of mythology and how we allow ourselves to be manipulated by myths.

Gila Zur: A sample of the works of a very talented artist. These make excellent objects for contemplation.

Richard Smoley: A distinguished author whose books and articles explore Man, State, Spiritual paths and pathways to the unknowable.

The Internet Sacred Texts Archive: A site dedicated to spiritual tolerance and works of scholarship, similar in form to an online encyclopaedia of exoteric and esoteric spiritual texts.

Wudang Tai Chi Chuan and : The Tai Chi Chuan school in Athens, Greece, as taught by Dan Docherty and Yiannis Patsios. A Taoist art that combines philosophy, meditation and the martial arts in a practical way.

The Alef Trust: Psychology and spirituality. Director of Studies: Les Lancaster.
Online and on site courses.
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Please note that even though I have known some of these people and groups personally, and have also found the content of their sites helpful, I can't take responsibility for the work that they do, or how they treat the general public over the course of time!
You must use your own sense of discrimination when selecting which group to practise with, or which teacher to learn meditation from.
Essentially a good teacher is one who is honest, does what he preaches, has long experience in meditating, is reliable and kind. He or she will be your fellow traveller friend on a path to Wisdom.

Throughout the world, the oral tradition of meditation has managed to survive, for literally thousands of years, on a non-profit basis, by donations made from students and instruction is given free of charge as a gesture of affection to Knowledge and to help one's fellow man. Of course, nothing in this world is "free", because the way you actually pay back this debt is not with money, but with your attention and your time spent whilst doing meditation in earnest.
Finding a meditation teacher is an entirely different process from something like buying the services of a professional doctor, artist or instructor. When a pupil is ready to receive instruction in meditation a competent teacher will appear in his life, because this is necessary in the larger scheme of things. This event has nothing to do with financial transactions, but with the skillful ways humans use to become their own masters.
But first the question to ask oneself aloud is this : "Am I ready to learn meditation?"